Felt Making

The ancient art of Wet Felt Making is a simple and satisfying process...

Lay wool fibres...


Add hot soapy water and friction...




Most of the examples below were completed in 1 or 2 day workshops at £250 per day including materials.

Combine Art with History to create part of the Bayeux Tapestry. (1 day)

Bayeux Tapestry Felted Panel
Bayeux Tapestry Felted Panel

More Anglo Saxon work with a child's outfit complete with boots, belt, purse and knife holder. (2 days)

Felt Anglo Saxon Tunic Ursula Hurst
Felt Anglo Saxon clothes Ursula Hurst
Anglo Saxon Felt
Felt Altar Cloth Art Daze

Wall hangings and Table covers/Altar cloths (1 day)


Bunting  or pencil tops.(half day)


3D forms for Sculpture or stools . These workshops are great for group activities and can involve prep work on designing (Cross curricular DT) making it a 2 day workshop.

Felt Tent Ursula Hurst

Tent. The cobweb tent can be used inside or out and creates a lovely dappled shade. (1 day plus half day study work to sew and hang)

Solid panel tents with images designed by the children, similar to the wall hangings above, can be made over a 2 or 3 day workshop.



If you have any ideas that you'd like to try in felt feel free to contact Ursula.

Guides and Brownies etc

Short felt workshops to make Selfies, bunting, pencil tops, pictures etc... £3.50 per child including materials.

Felt Making brownies Ursula Hurst
Felt selfie Art Daze

Arts Award

As a trained Arts Award Advisor I can deliver Discover and Explore as an after school art clubThis project involved the village Knit and Natter group and school knitting club resulting in a Felt and Yarn Bombing in the local park.

Felt Making Arts Award Ursula Hurst

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