Ursula has been painting bespoke murals in Lancashire for over 15 years.  Whether in a school, cafe, office or bedroom all painting starts with a free visit, consultation and a sketch plan to ensure satisfaction.

Murals cost £250 a day including materials. As a guide, most take one or two days to paint.

"Ursula painted 6 biblical murals in our school hall which are truly amazing! They brighten up our hall and fit in well with our Christian ethos. These were completed in 2 days without any disruption to us as a school at an amazing price. A big thank you to Ursula, for her hard work and to her truly, fantastic art work. I definitely recommend Art Daze to any school who wants unique and professional artwork. Thank you."
Rachel – Associate Head Teacher at Sacred Heart RC Primary, Accrington


Timeline Murals are a great reference point for children during History topics.

Mural Ursula Hurst
Egyptian Mural
French Mural Ursula Hurst
Mural Ursula Hurst
Library Mural Art Daze

Educational Murals make learning phonics, languages or rhymes fun.

This mural was designed by the children and drawn in their wonderful style giving the children a sense of ownership and pride.

St Augustine's Art Daze
Entrance Mural Ursula Hurst
Corridor Mural Ursula Hurst

Entrance Murals can create a welcoming and child friendly environment. 

Library Murals - filled with illustrations from well known books invite the children to relax and have fun reading.

Library Mural Ursula Hurst
Library Mural Ursula Hurst

St Charles Primary Rishton. 130th Anniversary Hall Mural.

IMG_4142 (1)
St Charles Mural Ursula Hurst

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