Forest School Crafts

Simple Willow Crafts

Ursula can work with 2 or 3 classes in a full day workshop making wreaths ( Great to sell at the Christmas Fair), fish, hearts etc. Full day = £250 including materials or £220 if you have willow from your yearly maintenance.

Willow in schools Art Daze
Willow Heart Ursula Hurst

Wattle and Daub

Your off cuts can also be used to make wattle fencing, a great non living structure that can be added to each year.

Wattle fence Art Daze

Enhance the History Curriculum with a fun Wattle and Daub workshop. Full day £220 inc materials for daub (If you're using your own willow off cuts)

Animal Sculptures

Deer, bear, small elephant etc aprox £250 including materials. Prices will vary depending on size and shape. Animal sculptures can be made from living or non living willow.

Children of all ages can join in, though some tasks are more suitable to KS2.

Willow Elephant Art Daze

Natural Weaving and Art

Create beautiful natural art with wool roving, plants and found woodland objects. Great to enhance work on Andy Goldsworthy.

Full day workshop working with 1 or 2 classes £250 including materials.

Willow weaving Art Daze

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