Living Willow Structures

Willow Dome Art Daze
Vikings settlement Art Daze
Willow Elephant Art Daze

Living Willow Structures are increasingly popular as natural shade in school grounds. They provide a green living shelter against the sun, and can be used as an outside classroom, forest school base camp or play area. Children can be involved in the planting/weaving process for most projects helping to enhance the horticultural element of the Creative Curriculum. Ursula  can work with one class for a whole day or can spend time with several classes throughout the day to make unique willow structures or individual crafts. Special projects such a willow classrooms or a herd of wild willow deer can be carried out over several days.

See below for ideas and prices.

Willow Dome Art Daze

Tunnels and Domes

A dome provides a lovely green shade and a place to sit and ponder. Tunnels can twist and turn into different areas of your grounds. Tunnels and domes can be joined to become igloos.

Large dome - approx 4m in diameter and 2m high at the central apex £510 

Medium dome - approx 3m in diameter and 1.8m high at the central apex £400

Tunnels are £65 per meter (aprox 1.8m high)

Willow Tunnel Ursula Hurst
Willow Settlement Ursula Hurst


Great for History as Celtic Village or Forest School Base Camp.

3 small domes, approximately 2m in diameter and 1.6m high at the central apex, and fire pit costs £600 including materials.

Children can be involved in the whole process coming out in small groups to ensure they get plenty of hands on and attention.

Willow Deer Ursula Hurst

Animal Sculptures

Deer, bear, small elephant etc  £150 including materials. Prices will vary depending on size, shape and if you have your own off cuts to work with.

Animal sculptures can be made from living or non living willow.

Willow Deer Ursula Hurst

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