Willow Maintenance

Living willow structures grows fast and produces wonderful shade and a home for many small creatures. At the end of each growing season, when all the leaves have fallen and before new bud growth, they should be cut back or the whips woven back into the structure if there are repairs needed. 

Ursula can come to your setting each winter and carry out repairs. A simple dome, with one years growth, starts at at £100 for a cut and repair. Contact us for a free visit and quotation.

Staff Training - Half a days willow maintenance course to train a member of staff costs £150 and will ensure you can continue to look after you willow for years to come. This only applies to willow with one years growth. Any structures with older growth or that are in need of major repairs (Like the one below) will need a day long TLC from Ursula.

Old willow dome Art Daze

Before - This dome had been left for several years and had lost it's shape. The whips are bent and of little use for school projects.

Fixed willow dome art daze

After - New growth in the following spring will be straight and can be used for re-planting and crafts.

Willow classroom Art Daze

Before - Beautiful outdoor classroom at the end of summer. Some of the whips are 12ft long.

Old dome Art Daze

Before - This dome had been left for 3 years without maintenance so the branches had become thick and it had come apart at the top.

Willow maintenance Art Daze

After - Two days of cutting and repairs in the winter provided enough willow for pig fencing and Christmas crafts.

Fixed dome Art Daze

After - The off-cuts where too thick for children's crafts but came in very useful for a community project in Rishton where it was used for Wattle Fencing.

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